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Three steps to enter and live in the Culture of Honor, three degrees of intensity of personal involvement for the healing of the heart and the renewing of your mind.





You receive some basic elements that allow you to become familiar with Culture of Honor.

You have the opportunity to taste the flavor and atmosphere that emerges.




How ?

You seek us as speakers for events between half an hour to half a day’s worth within, for instance, a thematic conference.


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You receive the fundamentals of the Culture of Honour along with the tools required to live it deeply each day.

You start to think according to these fundamentals.




How ?

You attend a conference.

You choose to follow a specific training: leadership, codependence, backings, etc.

You seek us as trainers for a conference or a seminar ranging from 1 to 3-4 days.




A few offers :

Leadership training seminar in your churches or region.

Other specific type of trainings: for example how to conduct a meeting? How to conduct different types of interviews?

Other trainings, as required.



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You wish that your leaders, elders, your church or your specific group could live the Culture of Honour fully and naturally.

You wish to see the culture of the Kingdom take hold on your living spaces and in society as a whole.




How ?

You can beneficiate from coaching and personal monitoring.

We offer interventions that combine training and coaching of individuals and groups over a medium term period.




A few offers :

Coaching your team leaders.

Backings of the principal leaders.

Tailored program of training and support for your church or work.



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