An Ambassador of Honor fully adopts the vision "on earth as it is in Heaven", applied in all areas of relationships.

In addition, they adhere to the following three principles:


The status of Ambassador of Honor involves training and being transformed up to the 4th stage of learning described below. Arriving at this 4th stage becomes one of their priorities :

  1. I don't know I don't know (I'm in denial)
  2. I know I don't know (I know my needs)
  3. I know that I know (I learned)
  4. I no longer know that I know (I have integrated)



Ambassador of Honor transform their sphere of influence by representing the message and the practice of the relational culture of heaven.

  • They are responsible, with the support of the leaders of the movement, for the implementation of the Culture of Honor in their sphere of influence. They choose to live it, to promote it and to transmit it.
  • They enrich the movement with their field experiences while enriching themselves with those of others and the lessons learned.
  • They check the relevance of their various actions and attitudes with the movement and its leaders. In this sense, they are attached to the Institute of Honor which supports and encourages them in return.


Financial model

An Ambassador of Honor adhere to the movement’s financial model which also reflects honor.

  • Each activity, day or training is billed at a price which covers the costs incurred, the trainers' salaries and the general costs of the movement.
  • Generosity is encouraged to provide for the development of the movement, but not to the detriment of other financial commitments, in particular towards the churches.


Training and Development

According to the three axes of the Institute of Honor (to learn, to train, to let oneself be transformed), we encourage those who feel called to be these ambassadors:

  • To follow a basic training in the Culture of Honor and to let themselves be challenged in their own relational ways.
  • To participate in continuing education, as well as in supervision centered on relational issues according to the Culture of Honor, in order to promote personal relational growth.
  • To use the tools available to perfect their training and personal development.

The aim of this process is to be able to integrate this Culture in order to transmit it.


Contact between Ambassadors of Honor, the movement and its founders

If you are interested and feels called to be one of these Ambassadors of Honor in your sphere of influence, we encourage you to subscribe to our list so that you can be informed and stay in touch.

Registration on the list of Honorary Ambassadors

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